The Four Horsemen, intaglio, 2010 

The Cellphone Zombie Disaster, intaglio, 2010 

My Circle Will Remain A Circle, color litho, 2010 

If Not By Air Then By Sea, color intaglio and chine colle, 2010 

Brand Wars, litho, 2010 

Fly, litho, 2010

 I Fight My Own Demons, colour intaglio, 2010

FUCK!, intaglio, 2010

Kind Of A Big Deal, photo litho, 2010

So highschool..., color intaglio, 2010

Zombie Print II, color intaglio, 2010

DESTROY!, photo intaglio, 2010

Damn Thats The Second Girlfriend I've Killed, photo intaglio, 2010

Alien, photo litho, 2010